While I was in college, I worked with a college supervisor who was a very devoted man. He was devoted to God and Christ, and i guess that if we had to give him an affiliation, he would be considered Christian. For me, I don't much care for these definitions, as it has a tendency to separate people, to make people feel either proud of their religious affiliation, or proud of their non-religious affiliation, or proud of their Baptist or of their Krishna strain of religion, and proud that they are either "saved" or not.

And because I was always spiritual, but not religious, my college supervisor was concerned for me. I told him that I had learned about God from my mother, that Nature begins with God. He stepped back and was almost offended. At the time, I was a non-practicing "Catholic," as the nuns where I had lived in Mexico talked me into going through catechism, confirmation and baptism. Yes, it was in a short period of time. Being baptized was a deep heart wish, but I wasn't sure about what religion. As it turned out, this was a cultural event, including the confession to a father whom I didn't trust for good reasons. We all have our personal experiences with religion.

Back to Nature, my supervisor had thought that I was worshiping every living thing as multiple Gods. "Pantheism," he said,. That very semester I had a comparative religions class with a man who looked like Moses. His hair was slightly long for an Episcopalian minister, and he had a well trimmed white beard to match. He was a wise man, and I appreciated our discussions during and after class. He explained to me that panentheism is the correct term for the belief that Nature and God are synonymous. There is no difference between the two.
Apparently Wikipedia has a few different definitions for panentheism as follows:

Panentheism (from Greek πᾶν (pân) "all"; ἐν (en) "in"; and θεός (theós) "God"; "all-in-God") is a belief system which posits that the divine (be it a monotheistic God, polytheistic gods, or an eternal cosmic animating force), interpenetrates every part of nature and timelessly extends beyond it. Panentheism differentiates itself from pantheism, which holds that the divine is synonymous with the universe.[1]

Needless to say, these are all mental theories, and unless we put the belief into practice, these are just theories. When it comes to spirituality, I've been a seeker. And as of the most recent five years I have practiced taking in spiritual power as a form of a healing practice; It fits so nicely with my religious beliefs, and with the spiritual teaching my mother taught me when I was young, that God is in nature.

And it is to Nature that this website is dedicated, because we must learn to preserve it, and to appreciate it just as if it were our closest relative, as guardians of the Earth, plants, trees, and animals. When we walk outside and sit in nature, feeling the sun and the breeze on our face, inhaling the fresh air, and looking into the deep green trees, we notice a refreshed feeling coming over us. At least I do. When we make the time to feel this power and take it in, we are convening with God in a very special way.

When we become comfortable in Nature, the elements around us are gentle. I suppose this can be applied in many instances of life, when we surrender to God and allow ourselves to be guided rather than holding a rigid ego and belief system about how we "think that it should be" (and I realize that I may be contradicting myself with this statement,) but if it is a belief system that is founded only on opinion and not from experience, then there is not enough information to convince oneself of God's power or role in nature, and how humans and animals are related or inter-related.

I am happy to report that my experiences in Nature span beyond what many people would even consider as reality. As a child, I ran around barefooted in the hills of Northern California. The outdoors became my altar, my playground, and my laboratory. I experimented with critters, plants, and water. I swam in the creek beds and rivers, observed deer and snakes, bugs and bees. And I was good at climbing trees. Interestingly, I was never injured during my childhood, but protected. During difficult times, I'd run to the woods and hide from my family amongst the trees, crouching deep down while passing through the thickets of manzanita trees, following the deer trails.

Not until my adulthood do I find this unusual. I thought that other people understood nature the way I do, and can communicate with plants, bugs, and animals. And I'm still surprised when people don't believe that nature is God. It is almost offensive to me to think how could people be so separated from God to think this. Forgive me for this outburst, but it must be said.

Separation from God is what keeps humans in denial of their true path here on Earth. We all have a special task here, and Nature helps us along by giving us enjoyment and spiritual power for our bodies. All we have to do is sit down, quiet our minds, and open our hearts to spiritual power, and let the Good in.

Wikipedia speaks of Chinese definition of spiritual power called "Qi" as, "...described as "life force". They believed qi permeated everything and linked their surroundings together. They likened it to the flow of energy around and through the body, forming a cohesive and functioning unit. By understanding its rhythm and flow they believed they could guide exercises and treatments to provide stability and longevity."

When we pay attention to our feelings inside, notice our thoughts, our motivations for speaking and communicating, we get a great education. Being in Nature helps this also, because we don't have to speak. We just take it in, and give away what no longer belongs to us.

I have no need to convince anybody about my own personal experiences, as I know for fact inside my heart how this operates in the bigger picture. My interest lay in sharing what I know, and if it works for you, I'm happy. When we make time to be like children and inquire what the truth is for ourselves on our own (and I don't mean from reading a book, but from experience) then we become convinced when we have positive results or healings. It is truly wonderful, and I wish the same for you. All the best!