Dear Friends,

The other day I took a peek at the news headlines in my home country—just so that I'm not sooo out of touch with that kind of reality. And while it was only a small look in form of reading one internet news article and watching one video on the internet, I am reminded of the importance to become aware of the negative influences that abound in the world right now.

I started to send healing power (kind of like vibrational prayer) for this situation, that it turn around soon. It's interesting how the forces from "the other side" try to launch their spiritual attacks in form of excessive police force, or difficult situations. People who do not practice the good, by criticizing and engaging in rude comments or actions due to their job requirements really don't realize that they are channeling the dark side directly. This doesn't make them bad people, it just makes them unaware. And until I fully understood this, I am now able to have compassion for them (and stop doing the same things that they are doing.)

(I realize that I used the word “channel,” which is a bit funny, but imagine that we can access these thoughts with our own antennae set up in our brain. That is how thoughts come to us. It is our task separate ourselves from the negativity by rejecting the negative thoughts and actions.)

To give you some background information for what I am talking about, I'd like to explain that there are two spiritual forces in this world, the negative and the positive. I've heard some spiritual leaders mention that there has to be a negative for the positive to exist, like a magnet. Certainly in physics and in science it is so—magnetically. I don't accept this analogy when experiencing spirituality, though, because it is possible for all living beings to live harmoniously in thought and action. Where do you think negative thoughts and anger come from? Pain and sadness? Grief? Sure, we are feeling humans, but do you actually think that someone created from divine goodness would create this kind of negativity on h/er own? We don't have to live with these emotions; and imagine if it were chronic. We can do so much better!

And please don't believe me when I tell you this, ask your divine source yourself, if your body is built to experience negativity. I speak from my own experience, but you must develop your own relationship directly to God. This is through practice, and nobody can do this for you. You can't buy this. This is through your own voluntary action of sitting peacefully and bringing the Divine power into your body.

Some people describe this practice as developing your own personal “guidance system.” You may do this by sitting in a peaceful setting, such as in a quiet room, garden, or nature. Close your eyes, and feel into your body with your heart. Open your heart only to the Divine source. Ask for your divine source (your God, Alla, Buddah, Siva, Jesus, and so on,) for your spiritual inspiration that comes only from the Good, to connect to your body directly. And then focus on the question that you have. And then wait for an answer. Please be patient. The right answer will be accompanied with good feelings inside of your body, and sometimes with a verbal yes or no sound in your head. But to be sure that you are tapping in to the right divine guidance, ask for only the Good. You can do this for everything—even where you want to look for a job, where you want to move, to help you get good grades, and so on... Focus on your body to notice the pleasant feelings of peacefulness and/or happiness. Please use your guidance system designed by God. It's so simple to use. It's all there for you. My request to you is that you put it in to practice every day—so that you are living God's path, and not living what your mind thinks it should be living. God/Divine source has such magnificent plans for you, much beyond that you expect. When you reduce the intake of negative programming on the television and media, or negative influences from people around you, you will leave more space to bring in a clearer picture of God's plan for you.

These are "tricky" times, and your link to God is your only link to the right source of thought and the right use of action. This is for your own salvation—but put it to use. And when you discover that the things that make people do mean things, like spraying pepper spray on passive college students, realize that they are not mean people, they just accept negative thoughts from a source of inspiration that is evil, and they put it into action. Imagine how peaceful our lives will be when more people put divine guidance into to practice. Divine guidance would mean that someone might conscientiously refuse to act in evil ways, despite what the “orders from their superiors” were. When you receive a Higher Order, then follow it, and you will start to see how things in your life turn around for the good. Help your neighbors also. It's very simple. You will feel spiritual renewal very soon, and it grows and expands to everyone in your life. Isn't that a Good thing?! As always, all the best to you and your family.